How Can I Improve My Cds Performance?

How is Union used in CDS views?


UNION [ALL] select_statement …In CDS views where UNION is used to create union sets, no associations can be defined in SELECT statements.Examples.Union set without name list.

The element names of the SELECT lists must match.Union set with name list..

What is Association in CDS view?

Association is used to link a view (or table) to the source view (or table) in CDS View. In Association, Cardinality is defined. Cardinality is the relationship between the source and associated view in the form of [ min .. max ] (only the target cardinality is stated).

How do I use CDS view in ABAP program?

Step-by-Step ProcedureCreate an ABAP program/report.In the New ABAP Program window, enter Name and Description and hit Next.In the Selection of Transport Request window, choose the transport request. … To call an ABAP CDS view you can use Open SQL statements to get the data.More items…•

What is the difference between Hana CDS and ABAP CDS?

ABAP CDS views are database independent whereas HANA CDS views are database dependent. The CDS objects created using HANA CDS is not controlled by ABAP dictionary and hence cannot be consumed in ABAP Programs or Open SQL.

Why CDS views are used?

CDS views are from a similar concept to ABAP dictionary views: they provide pre-defined SQL queries to one or more database tables. This allows for effectively and comfortably connecting to and accessing data.

Which tool can you use to check your ABAP coding for potential functional regressions before migrating to SAP HANA?

ATC can be used to check the ABAP coding for potential functional regressions/issues and correct them (if necessary) before migrating to SAP HANA.

How can I check my cds performance?

Steps to Analyze the planViz: First, goto ST05 and activate the trace. Now from Hana Studio, execute the CDS view on which you want to check the performance. After sucessfully executed the CDS view in Hana Studio, deactivate the Trace that was enabled before. Click on the Display Trace.More items…•

How can we trace the data records once executed the CDS view in Eclipse environment?

CDS Views can be previewed right within the Eclipse editor. To do this, right-click on the created view, select “Open With” and then select “Data Preview” from the submenu. (Note that in other versions of the ABAP Development Tools, the “Data Preview” option may appear immediately in the menu when you right click.)

How do I transport CDS views?

Creating Your First CDS ViewStep:1 Right-click on package the CDS View will be placed in.Step 3: Search for Core Data Services Folder and select Data Definition (depending on ABAP development tools version, this may say DDL Source)Step 4: Select the transport to which you want the DDL source file attached.More items…•

How many types of CDS views are there?

There are 2 main VDM types, namely, Interface views (Basic and Composite) and consumption views.

How do I optimize Hana views?

Always follow – HANA Development PointsUse left outer joins maximum.Specify cardinality in joins (n:1 or 1:1) – only if sure.Set optimize join = true (only if cardinality is set like above)Use table functions instead of scripted calculation views.Execute in SQL-engine (for HANA live)More items…•

Can we debug CDS views?

From now on, you can now also debug CDS table functions using the AMDP debugger. … A table function consists of a CDS definition and a SQL Script procedure implementation that is used for data retrieval when the table function is accessed (for example using OpenSQL).

How can I improve my standard CDS view?

How to extend standard CDS viewsAlso Read: How to find all standard and custom CDS views in the system.CDS view development and extensions is done using Eclipse ABAP Development Tools(ADT).Launch the Eclipse ABAP Development Tools.In your ABAP project, select the relevant package in the Project Explorer.More items…•