How Much Does Scott McTominay Earn?

How much does Daniel James earn a week?

The 21-year-old is set for a huge boost in his salary with the Mail reporting that he will get up to £67,000 a week, including bonuses, up from his £4,000 wage at Swansea..

How much does Neymar make a week?

Of course, Neymar makes a substantial salary from Paris Saint-Germain. According to, Neymar earns a weekly gross salary of €705,385, which is the highest of any PSG player.

Who is the highest paid in Man U?

David de GeaNot only is David de Gea the highest paid player at Manchester United but the Spain international is also the Premier League’s biggest earner too. De Gea earns a weekly salary of £375,000 (more than Dh1.

Who is the highest paid footballer?

Forbes’ top 10 highest-paid footballers:Lionel Messi – $126m (£98m)Cristiano Ronaldo – $117m (£91m)Neymar – $96m (£74.7m)Kylian Mbappe – $42m (£32.6m)Mohamed Salah – $37m (£28.8m)Paul Pogba – $34m (£26.5m)Antoine Griezmann – $33m (£25.7m)Gareth Bale – $29m (£22.6m)More items…•

Who is the highest paid footballer in the world 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid footballer on the planet according to the latest list from Forbes. The American business outlet released rankings on the richest male athletes in the world, with tennis legend Roger Federer taking the top spot for the first time ever after earning a whopping $106.3 million.

Who is highest paid player in Liverpool?

Virgil van DijkVirgil van Dijk Set To Become Highest-Paid Liverpool Player Ever With Whopping New Deal. Virgil van Dijk is set to become the highest-paid player in Liverpool history after agreeing a reported £220,000-a-week deal.

Who is the highest paid player in Premier League?

AFP or licensors. … AFP or licensors. … Getty Images – Getty. … Getty Images – Getty. … Getty Images – Getty. … getty. … Getty Images – Getty. De Bruyne is Man City’s highest paid star. … Getty Images – Getty. Man United keeper De Gea is the highest paid Premier League player and is understood to be on £19,500,000 per year.More items…•

What is Messi weekly salary?

Currently the highest paid soccer player along with his impressive endorsement deals, he was ranked by Forbes as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2019. As mentioned before, he is reportedly worth $400 million. Messi averages an equivalent of about $35 million a year in this contract – or $646,000 a week.

Is cr7 a billionaire?

Cristiano Ronaldo has become the first footballer in history to become a billionaire during his career. According to Forbes , the Juventus star made $105 million (£83m) before tax in the last year, taking his total worth over the $1 billion (£789m) mark.

What is rashford salary?

10.4 million GBP (2019)Marcus Rashford/Salary

How much does Alexis Sanchez earn per week?

On top of the Chilean’s weekly wage, Alexis will earn substantial bonuses and image right payments, meaning he will rake in around £500,000 a week all included.

Who is the richest athlete?

Roger Federer takes the top spot for the first time, with $106 million of pre-tax earnings, edging past Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who have swapped the No. 1 spot in three of the past four years.

Who is the richest soccer player?

List of Richest Football Players in World | Top Richest Soccer Players:Faiq Bolkiah: Net Worth: $20.00 Billion. … Cristiano Ronaldo: Net Worth: $460.00 Million. … Lionel Messi: Net Worth: $400.00 Million. … Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Net Worth: $190.00 Million. … Neymar Jr: … Wayne Rooney: … Gareth Bale: … Andres Iniesta:More items…•

How much does rashford earn per week?

How much does Marcus Rashford earn? Rashford signed a new contract with Manchester United in 2019 that is reportedly worth £200,000 ($250k) a week. The deal runs until 2023 and is a mammoth increase on his previous package, which saw him earning £20,000 a week.

How much does Lingard earn per week?

The new deal sees him pocket a salary of around £100,000 a week, which means that he will earn roughly £21 million for the duration, without taking performance-dependent bonuses into account.

How much does Ronaldo earn a week?

His €100 million (£88m/$117m) move to Serie A means that he has had to get used to a change of scenery and adapt to the Italian game, but it hasn’t altered his appetite for business….What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary?TimeframeEarningsPer hour€3,424Per day€82,191Per week€576,923Per month€2.5m3 more rows•May 24, 2020

How much does Anthony martial earn a week?

Anthony Martial – £250,000-a-week.

What is Brandon Williams salary?

Current Contract Brandon Williams signed a 5 year, $52,500,000 contract with the Baltimore Ravens, including a $12,500,000 signing bonus, $33,750,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $10,500,000.