Question: Is It Safe To Give Social Security Number Job Application Online?

Why do jobs ask for SSN?

Why do employers need my social security number.

If an employer decides to extend you an offer, they will eventually need your social security number to verify your identity and work authorization and perhaps to complete a background check.

However, they don’t need it in the initial hiring phase..

Why does Amazon want my Social Security number?

Amazon requires that all sellers complete the U.S. Tax Identity Information Interview. It is needed if a 1099k needs to be issued. If you don’t want to give your SSN, go to and you can get an EIN issued for very little or no cost.

What to do if a SSN fails to verify?

What to do if an SSN fails to verifyCompare the failed SSN with your employment records. … If your employment records match your submission, ask your employee to check his/her Social Security card and inform you of any name or SSN difference between your records and his/her card.More items…

Does Walmart ask for SSN?

Why does Walmart ask for your social security number when applying for a job? … All prospective employers ask for your SSN. They have to have it if you are to be hired, because they must withhold taxes and make reports of amounts withheld to State and Federal governments.

Should I put my Social Security number on a job application online?

Asking for the social security number on an application is legal in most states, but it is an extremely bad practice. (Some states prohibit private employers from collecting this information for fear of identity theft.) It is not recommended that you provide this information on a job application.

What happens if you put the wrong Social Security number on a job application?

Just go to the bank, show them your social security card, and explain your mistake. Same with the employer. If, when you receive your W2 in January, your SSN is wrong on it, ask that employer for a Form W-2c: Corrected Wage and Tax Statement. Then file your taxes under your correct SSN and you should be set.

Why is my Social Security number invalid?

An invalid SSN is one that the SSA never assigned. In case you’re wondering, a valid SSN will never look like this: The first three digits as “000,” “666,” or in the 900 series. The second group that consists of two digits as “00.”

Why would my Social Security number not match my name?

If your name and Social Security number don’t match because of a mistake (for example, if the name on your W-4 form is “Jon Smith”, but the name on record for your Social Security number is “Jonathan Smith”) your employer must give you 90 days to fix the problem with the Social Security Administration.

Is it safe to put SSN on job application?

Reply. Employers should NOT be asking for SSN on the applications nor your date of birth (DOB). The SSN should only be provided after a job offer is made with all the terms and conditions are provided. Employers will need the SSN for W-2,W-4 and the verify if you are a US Citizen.

What jobs dont require SSN?

For illegal options, the only “employers” who are not legally required to verify your social security number are individuals. So anything that deals directly and only with people should be “safe” – lawn care, handyman, home maintenance, dog walker, personal trainer, hairdresser, consultant, party musician, etc.