Question: What Is Another Word For Glance?

How do you use a glance?

You see at a glance that she is blind.

The two living species are distinguishable at a glance.

Indeed, there is a further implication, when the term intuition is borrowed for mental vision; you see at a glance that things must be so.

The great primary divisions of the earths flora present themselves at a glance..

What is glance Lockfeed?

InMobi, India’s first unicorn, has a new AI-powered tech offering: Glance. The Android lock-screen service lets you consume high-quality content simply by glancing at your mobile phone and already has 26 million daily active users with plans to reach millions more.

What is the opposite of casual glance?

Noun. Opposite of short glance. intent stare. lingering gaze.

What is a better word than looked?

glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one’s gaze, focus. peep, peek, take a look. watch, examine, study, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey, check, contemplate, consider. see, observe, view, regard, pay attention to, take note of, mark, check out. glimpse, spot, spy, lay one’s eyes on, catch sight of, eye, take in, ogle.

How do you describe a smile?

Words used to describe smiles – thesaurusbrittle. adjective. literary a brittle laugh or smile does not show real humour or happiness.broad. adjective. … broadly. adverb. … cheesy. adjective. … gummy. adjective. … humorless. the American spelling of humourless.humourless. adjective. … lazy. adjective.More items…

What to say instead of check it out?

What is another word for check it out?investigate ittake a looktake a look at ittry ittry it out

What is another word for looking?

What is another word for looking?viewinginspectingobservanceexaminationeyeingstareregardgapeeyelook10 more rows

What does gaze mean?

To gaze is to look steadily and intently at something, especially at that which excites admiration, curiosity, or interest: to gaze at scenery, at a scientific experiment. To stare is to gaze with eyes wide open, as from surprise, wonder, alarm, stupidity, or impertinence: to stare unbelievingly or rudely.

How do you use glance?

Tap “widgets.” Scroll down to your Google widgets. The old “Google Now” widget is there but will bring up the message you have in your screenshot above. Scroll over through the other Google widgets and you should see the one called “At-a-glance.” Long press, hold and drag to where you want it on the screen.

What is another word for a quick look?

What is another word for quick look?glancepeekpeeplookdekkobutcher’scasteyekeekregard40 more rows

What is Glance screen?

That’s where Glance, a one-of-its kind AI-powered Android lock screen service, comes into the picture. … Glance brings your lock screen to life by turning it into a visual content platform with a diverse mix of content shown as news, videos, tv series, etc.

What word is the opposite of glance?

What is the opposite of glance?examinationinspectionperusalgazestaregood looksurveycheckscrutinyscan18 more rows

What is the difference between glimpse and glance?

As a noun, a glimpse is something that catches the eye: I caught a glimpse of her through the car window. As a verb, to glimpse is to see something momentarily: … As a verb, to glance is to bounce off something or to take a quick look at something.

What is Glance application?

Using Glance feature, you can reduce an app to a thumbnail and hover the S Pen over the thumbnail to open the app in full screen view. Glance feature helps you to easily switch between apps.

What is the synonym of glance?

SYNONYMS. take a quick look, look quickly, look briefly, peek, peep. glimpse, catch a glimpse of. Scottish keek. informal sneak a look, take a gander.

What means at a glance?

with a brief lookAt a glance means “with a brief look,” mostly used to indicate that content is a quick and handy snapshot of its fuller, more complicated whole.

What is a quick glance?

Quick Glance is a special feature under Motion in Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9500) that allows you to view important information even when the screen is in off state. This feature comes under the category of Air-Gestures which is capable of controlling your device when you make specific gestures with your hand .

What is glance OpenStack?

The openstack Glance is an image service which provides discovering, registering, retrieving for disk and server images. The OpenStack Glance is a central repository for virtual images. Glance has RESTful API that allows querying of VM image metadata as well as retrieval of the actual images.