Question: Which Personality Type Is The Meanest?

Which personality type is the nicest?

Any of the MBTI type can be nice.

However, NF types (INFJ/INFP/ENFJ/ENFP) will probably be the nicest.

They would be nice with everyone the know or don’t know.

According to David Keirsey temperaments the NF types are called “The Idealists”..

Which MBTI type is the laziest?

INFJsINFJs are often labeled as lazy or procrastinating.

Which Myers Briggs type is most likely to be a narcissist?

Also in types, INTJ-T, ENFP-T, INFP-T, INTP-T, ENFJ-T,ISTJ-T, seem to be highly narcissistic where as INFP-A, ENFP-A, INTP-A, ISFP-A, ISFJ-A seems to be least narcissistic. Hope this helps!

Are Infj lazy?

What they probably think of you is downright mean. INFJs take the cake for the smarter/harder dilemma in terms of work ethic: they just say do both. Work smarter and harder. They may perceive you as lazy, selifsh, boring or obtuse.

Which MBTI is the most complex?

INFJINFJ is the most complex MBTI type to understand. Their Ni(introverted intuition) is considered as more mystical.

Which personality type has the highest IQ?

Originally Answered: Which personality type has the highest IQ scores, in average? INTPs created the IQ test, so its skewed in their favor of making themselves the highest.

What is the most loyal personality type?

The most inherently loyal types are ENFP, ISFJ, ESFJ and INFJ.

Which MBTI type is the kindest?

I think the kindest MBTI type is the ISFJ. They are mostly unselfish, do things for other people, have set values, know how to chill and generally uncomplicate things in life versus how an INFP can complicate things.

Which personality type is most interested in personality types?

INFJ and INTJ tend to be the most into it and get the most out of it. MBTI is very very introverted intuition-reliant, I’d say. INTP probably have love-hate relationship with it due to low empirical evidence or scientific validity. The rest more use it for monetization/career stuff (ENTJ, ENTP).

What Myers Briggs type is Trump?

Celebrity ESTPOne Myers-Briggs® Celebrity ESTP Personality Type is businessman, investor, and television personality, Donald Trump. By examining the life and career of Donald Trump, we can see his Myers-Briggs Test ESTP Personality Type in action. True to his type, Donald Trump likes to have a hand in just about everything.

Which personality type is the most dangerous?

Here’s What Makes You Dangerous, Based on Your Myers-Briggs® Personality TypeThe ENFP. There are a lot of stereotypes about ENFPs. … The ENTP. ENTPs get a thrill from playing devil’s advocate and questioning pre-established rules and traditions. … The INFP. … The INTP. … The ENFJ. … The ENTJ. … The INFJ. … The INTJ.More items…•

What Myers Briggs Type are serial killers?

Most of your list of serial killers are mistyped, Ted Bundy was most probably an INTJ for example, Richard Ramirez an ENFJ. Richard Trenton Chase was an ENTP most probably, and Robert Berdella an INFP. Mick and Mairead Philpot were ISTP and ISFJ.

Why are INFJs so attractive?

Instead of finding our depth of ideas and emotions intimidating, they find it intriguing. And since many INFJs like to bond deeply with other people, we’re very attractive to types who like to “go deep” in relationships. So take heart – there are people out there who appreciate your uniqueness!

Which personality type earns the most money?

ENTJIndividuals with the ENTJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) type, who tend to be natural leaders, earn the most money, on average.

Which MBTI is most narcissistic?

INFJ seems the most likely candidate. After an interaction with someone, they seemed to fit the description of narcissist, complete with the high female friend count, yet no successful relationships. I heard about the MBTI after that, and they had the most traits in common.