Quick Answer: Do Not Add Up Meaning?

What Does It doesn’t add up mean?

phrasal verb.

If facts or events do not add up, they make you confused about a situation because they do not seem to be consistent.

If something that someone has said or done adds up, it is reasonable and sensible.

Police said they arrested Olivia because her statements did not add up..

How do you use add up?

add up​(especially in negative sentences) to seem reasonable; to make sense. His story just doesn’t add up.​(especially in negative sentences) (of numbers) to make a total that seems reasonable or is useful. We can’t sponsor this project. … ​to increase by small amounts until there is a large total.

Was taken in meaning?

phrasal verb. If you are taken in by someone or something, you are deceived by them, so that you get a false impression of them. I married in my late teens and was taken in by his charm–which soon vanished. [

When things are not adding up?

2 not add up a) if a set of facts does not add up, it does not provide a reasonable explanation for a situation He was troubled by a feeling that things just didn’t add up.

What’s add on mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) : something added on: such as. a : a sum or amount added on. b : something (such as an accessory or added feature) that enhances the thing it is added to computer hardware add-ons.

What does it mean to make sense?

1 : to have a clear meaning : to be easy to understand We read the recommendations and thought they made (perfect) sense. The instructions don’t make any sense (at all). You’re not making much sense (to me). … 2 : to be reasonable It makes sense to leave early to avoid traffic.

What is the other word for ADD?

Add Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for add?totalcalculatereckontotalizeadd togetheradd upsum uptally upcount upfind the sum of221 more rows

What is the meaning of do without?

: to not have (something) : to live, work, etc., without having (something) If you can’t afford a new car, you’ll just have to do without (one).

Will add up meaning?

intransitive verb. 1a : to come to the expected total the bill doesn’t add up. b : to form an intelligible pattern : make sense her story just doesn’t add up. 2a : amount sense 1b —used with tothe play adds up to a lot of laughs. b : to amount to a lot just a little each time, but it all adds up.

What does when pigs fly mean?

“When pigs fly” is an adynaton, a way of saying that something will never happen. The phrase is often used for humorous effect, to scoff at over-ambition.

What is another word for keep an eye on?

What is another word for keep an eye on?watchobservestake outkeep under watchregardviewstudylook atinspectclock69 more rows

Do you have your eye on someone?

Definition of ‘have your eye on someone’ If someone has their eye on you, they are watching you carefully to see what you do.

What is the meaning of phrasal verb add up to?

phrasal verb. add up to something. ​to make a total amount of something. The numbers add up to exactly 100.

What does keep an eye on mean?

(also keep your eye on someone/something) to watch someone or something or stay informed about the person’s behavior, esp. to keep someone out of trouble: Keep an eye on your brother while I’m out, please.

What does take up mean?

transitive verb. 1 : pick up, lift took up the carpet. 2a : to begin to occupy (land) b : to gather from a number of sources took up a collection. 3a : to accept or adopt for the purpose of assisting.

What is to take after someone?

(take after someone) to look or behave like an older relative. In looks she takes after her father. Synonyms and related words. + To look the same as, or similar to, someone or something.