Quick Answer: Does Any Sky Remote Work?

Can I get a free replacement Sky Remote?

If you’re a Sky customer with mobility impairment or disability you can get a free replacement remote control that is easier to grip and hold on to.

There’s a choice of two so if you’re in need of this freebie make sure you get one..

Can you buy Sky Q remotes?

The Sky Q voice remote can be used with all Sky Q boxes. … You will never lose this sleek and small remote, all you need to do is press the Q on the front of your Sky Q box and the remote will start beeping to help you find it. Works with up to 3 devices including stereos. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).

Will Sky replace Sky Q Remote?

Re: Sky q remote broke Normally if the remote is faulty it will be replaced free of charge.

How do I know which Sky remote to buy?

How to Identify which version of Sky Remote control you haveRemove the battery cover.Either on the battery cover itself or below the batteries, you will see a label with various numbers/letters on it.At the end of the code, you will see the Sky Rev. number. ( for example if it shows Sky Rev.8 or similar, this is a revision 8, if it says Sky Rev.9, this is a revision 9.

How do I make my Sky remote control my TV?

To program your Sky remote control using the 4 digit code:Switch the TV on.Press the ‘TV’ button on your Sky Remote control.Hold down the ‘SELECT’ and ‘Red’ buttons for 2-3 seconds until the LED blinks twice.Press the ‘TV’ button on the Sky Remote control again.Enter the 4 digit code for your make of TV.More items…•

How do you reset a Sky remote control?

Try And Reset The Sky Remote Control Take one battery out of the remote control then press and hold the select button on the remote control for 10 seconds. Put the battery back in to see if it works.

Why does my remote not change channels?

Remote will not change channels or turn on the TV. Batteries are low, dead, or inserted incorrectly. … If the box turns ON or OFF, then install new batteries in the remote and try again. Make sure the equipment is plugged in to an active power outlet.

How do I find my TV code for Sky Remote?

Highlight Sky Active using up/down arrows and press select. Highlight Help Centre by pressing the left arrow button once and press select. Highlight Set Up My Sky Remote using the up/down arrows and press select. Follow the on-screen instructions to find the codes for your make of television.

What do you do when your sky Q remote stops working?

Hold down 7 and 9 until the remote’s light flashes 4 times to factory reset your remote and try the steps again. Once you can change the volume using your Sky Q remote, finish the pairing process: 1.

Does Sky protect cover remote control?

Sky Protect adds to your standard warranty by covering your Sky equipment and viewing devices against accidental damage. … Sky Protect also covers: All the Sky boxes in your home. Your remotes.

How long is a Sky Remote?

The smart software inside the remote ensures compatibility with nearly all TV’s. This remote is supplied loose, without retail packaging. Dimensions : L:21.2 x W:6.2 x D:3.5 (cm)

Can I get a replacement Sky Remote?

Re: replacing my sky Q remote Am i able to get a free replacement. If there is an issue with your remote and it is faulty it should be replaced by Sky.

How do I sync my Sky remote to another sky box?

Press the TV button on your Sky remote control, then holds down the Select and Red button until the red light on your Sky remote blinks twice. Enter your 4 digit code and then click on the Select button.

Can you use a Sky HD remote on Sky Q?

Re: Extra remote control with sky q Infrared remotes will work with any Q box and are paired only for TV control. That’s on/off, volume and input select. You can reset any Bluetooth remote to infrared but you then lose Voice control as this is only by Bluetooth.

Are Sky remotes universal?

We have all original Sky TV remotes available for all Sky boxes. … In other words, the Sky remotes are compatible with the Sky Digibox, Sky+ and all Sky+ HD boxes including the Terabyte box.

How do I use my phone as a Sky Remote?

The Sky+ app for Android has been updated, letting you use your phone or tablet as a remote control for your Sky+ HD box. Swipe your Android device’s screen, and you can change channels, pause and rewind live TV, and add or delete recordings.

Can I use 2 remotes with Sky Q?

Re: Can I have two remotes connected to one sky box? @Zoeadam You can only have one bluetooth remote connected but you can have as many as you like using IR only.

How do you find out your TV code?

Find the TV code on your TV Go to Settings . Scroll down to Link with TV code. A blue TV code will show on your TV. Now grab your phone, tablet, or computer.