Quick Answer: What Does R And R Mean On Snapchat?

What does R mean before a date?


is an abbreviation of the Latin word Rex (King) or Regina (Queen).


What does R * mean in math?

In a different context, the notation R* denotes the reflexive-transitive closure of a (binary) relation R in a set X, i.e. the smallest relation in X that contains R and is reflexive as well as transitive. It is the union of all the non-negative powers of R, where R^0 = ∆_X, the diagonal relation in X and R^n =R•R•….

What does R and R mean in business?

Repairs and Restoration (various organizations) R&R. Rest & Recreation. R&R. Rest & Recuperation.

What does R R stand for?

AcronymDefinitionRRRelative Risk (medical/statistical)RRRailroadRRRoad RunnerRRResource Record163 more rows

What does R & R stand for in accounting?

Rest and Recreation LeaveRest and Recreation Leave It is given over and above regular vacation time. Link to this page: Rest and Recreation Leave

What does NR mean for grades?

Not ReportedNot Reported. This symbol indicates that a student’s grade was not reported to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline for reporting grades for the term as published in the online Registration Guide. The grade will be updated as soon as the instructor reports the grade. What-does-NR-mean.

What does B mean before a date?

b. or bn. – Date of birth.

What does N R mean on Snapchat?

The definition of ‘NR’ is ‘no reply’. ‘NR’ is mainly used on social media to indicate that you will not reply to any comments or messages. For example: ‘Going out now, NR. ‘

What does R mean in law?

In English and Welsh law, where “r” is one party in a criminal case, it means either Rex or Regina depending on whether the monarch at the time is male or female. … In US law, the equivalent would be either the state (as in “State of New York vs Jones”) or the United States for federal cases (United States vs Jones).

What does R and R mean in texting?

R & R refers to time that you spend relaxing, when you are not working. R & R is an abbreviation for ‘rest and recreation. ‘ … R & R is an abbreviation for ‘rest and recuperation. ‘

What is full form RR?

RR is a written abbreviation for rural route.

What does RR mean in car?

rear-engineIn automotive design, an RR, or rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout places both the engine and drive wheels at the rear of the vehicle. In contrast to the RMR layout, the center of mass of the engine is between the rear axle and the rear bumper.

What does RR mean in reading?

re readerrr :- rr means re reader for example if you read a story already and you commented a spoiler about the book or whatever you put #rr.

What is R and R alcohol?

Rich & Rare Reserve R&R Reserve comes from a full-bodied blend of hand-selected reserve barrel whiskies from Sazerac’s stock in Canada of more than 200,000 barrels of Canadian Whisky. The nose starts off with a velvety depth. … R&R Reserve is the third recent new Canadian Whisky product from the Sazerac Company.

What does NN mean on Snapchat?

No Need”No Need” is the most common definition for NN on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does NR mean on Netflix?

Not RatedCurious about the MPAA ratings and what they mean? Take a look at the list below. NR (Not Rated) This film has not yet been rated by the MPAA. G: “General Audiences-All Ages Admitted.”

What does C mean in texting?

Very happyThe Meaning of C: C: means “Very happy” So now you know – C: means “Very happy” – don’t thank us. YW!