Quick Answer: What Grocery Store Gave Green Stamps?

Can you still redeem plaid stamps?

However, stamps can still be redeemed.

Plaid stamps could be used buy purchasing from a gift catalogue and today, they are not redeemable, however, it is a great idea to check out opportunities to sell on EBAY.

Plaid stamp books are selling for five to ten dollars but filled books with stamps are worth more..

Are green stamps worth anything?

Yes, those old green stamps do have value. … There was a time many years ago when some stores and gas stations and the like gave you Sperry & Hutchinson green stamps when you bought something. The more you spent the more stamps you got.

Can I still redeem S&H Green Stamps?

S&H Green Stamps still exist, online as S&H Greenpoints. The website is greenpoints.com, where you can still redeem the S&H Green Stamps, as long as you have 60 books or more.

What could you get with Green Stamps?

Customers received S&H stamps from cashiers at supermarkets, gas stations and other retail locations, collect them in books, and redeem them for merchandise from local Green Stamps stores or the S&H Idea Book catalog. Today, S&H offers “greenpoints” as rewards for purchases made on the Internet.

Who gave out top value stamps?

Loblaws had the local S & H franchise but gave it up in the mid-1950s. Wegmans quickly dropped its own “red stamps” program and grabbed the S & H affiliation. Star (profiled in an earlier Whatever Happened To… story) joined with other regional grocery chains in 1956 to form the Top Value Stamp Co.

What happened to S&H Green Stamps?

The recessions of the 1970s impacted Green Stamps and their popularity slowly declined. Sperry and Hutchison no longer has redemption centers but the company does offer online redemptions. The company is now called S&H Greenpoints and its website www.greenpoints.com launched in 2000.

Why are coupons worth 1/100th of a cent?

Since many coupons are designed for national distribution, though, the redemption value ends up printed on all of them. As with the old trade stamps, it doesn’t really matter how infinitesimal the stated value is as long as it’s not zero. Thus, you see coupons that are worth 1/10th, 1/20th, or 1/100th of a cent.

What were plaid stamps?

We had “green” stamps, “blue” stamps, “gold” bond stamps and “plaid” stamps. They were about the size of postage stamps and were given out by the merchants as an incentive for paying cash and not buying items on credit. The stamps were placed in a booklet and each page was worth 50 points.

Who started green shield stamps?

Richard TompkinsGreen Shield Stamps/Founders

What were Eagle stamps?

May’s Eagle stamps were one of the few proprietary stamp plans to spread beyond a dept store—it was estimated that 90% of households in the Cleveland area saved them during the 60s & 70s–they also were given by Pick-n-Pay super markets, the Leader Drug coop and numerous gas stations and dry cleaners.

Are old Top Value stamps worth anything?

1. Did you know you can still redeem your S&H Green Stamps? According to the S&H greenpoints website: “Yes, Green Stamps are certainly worth something. … You can exchange them for merchandise, cash, or trade them in for greenpoints.

How do you earn greenpoints?

How do I earn Green Points? You can earn Green Points by making purchases in our online store. Making Purchases — When you purchase products online, you will earn 1 Green Point for every dollar that you spend.

What happened to Blue Chip Stamps?

Today, the merchants are down to the hundreds and, in 1985, the last redemption centers closed. (Collectors now get their goods by mail order.) Blue Chip’s still around but, Bird says, “so small you’re not seeing it any more. Our main customers now are bowling centers,” where stamps are given out as promotions.

What were stamp books used for?

S&H sold its stamps to retail stores that would then give them out to customers as an incentive to shop at their store over a competitor’s or to buy more of a particular product. Customers would collect the stamps, which ranged in value from one to 50 points, and place them in a book provided free by S&H.

How did S&H Green Stamps make money?

The retail organizations that distributed the stamps were primarily supermarkets, gasoline filling stations, and stores. They bought the stamps from S&H and gave them as bonuses to shoppers based on the dollar amount of a purchase.

Are Gold Bond stamps worth anything?

A. Unfortunately no, but Gold Bond stamps may still be worth something to collectors. … However, Gold Bond memorabilia is being sold online to collectors. Prices range from $1.75 for trading stamps to $1,995.00 for a mint five-foot metal sign for Gold Bond stamps.

Are Blue Chip Stamps worth anything?

They are no longer redeemable. At best you might be able to sell them to someone who collects ephemera or Cinderella stamps. Currently, you can buy lots of 50 stamps for abt $15 so there isn’t much value in them. … Original sales signs for Blue Chip are worth far more than the stamps and booklets.

What were green shield stamps used for?

Green Shield Stamps was a British sales promotion scheme that rewarded shoppers with stamps that could be used to buy gifts from a catalogue or from any affiliated retailer.