Quick Answer: What Is Load Wallet?

How do I check my TPC load wallet?

Call ~:888, SMART will then reproccess your load after the reference number has been verified.

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How can I buy Globe load rewards?

Download the Globe Rewards app via Google Play or App store at glbe.co/GRewardsApp or visit http://www.globe.com.ph/rewards. Click on the Rewards section to view the list of offers you can get using your points and choose your desired reward and tap redeem to proceed with your transaction. Redeem via the GlobeOne App.

What is load wallet in Globe?

Globe AutoLoadMax is an electronic load (or E-load) service that lets you buy prepaid load credits for your prepaid account.

How do I replenish my wallet in TPC?

TPC E-loading Franchise Business 1st Step→Go to any 7-11 Branches Nationwide. 6th Step→Enter our Gcash Mobile Number and the Exact Amount you want. 9th→After you got the receipt, double check the Gcash Mobile Number and Amount. 10th→Go to the Cashier, give the receipt to pay.

How can I buy smart wallet online?

Simply go online and use your debit or credit card. Heres how: STEP 1: Go to smart.com.ph then click Buy Online >> eLOAD. STEP 2: After being directed to the eLOAD page, choose your desired load denomination.

What is retailer SIM?

Retailer SIM – a prepaid SIM with a Load Function Menu that allow Retailer/Agent to load Value Credits to Subscribers. Retailer/Agent – an agent of SMART to whom a Retailer SIM is issued and whose name appears on the signed information sheet, as may be applicable, and deals directly with a Distributor.

Where can I load my load wallet?

Smart Load retailers or dealers can replenish their load wallet at any of the following:Designated Provincial Distributor.Smart Money Centers (authorized outlets)Load Connect machines located as selected Smart Stores (Smart Tower, SM Fairview, Sta.

How can I get smart load wallet?

Where can I buy Smart load wallet (retailer load)? If you have a store location, please contact your Provincial Distributor or Distributor Sales Personnel (DSP) to buy Smart load wallet. For retailers without store location, you may visit the nearest 7-11 store.

How do you sell a load?

How to Start a Loading Station BusinessStep 1: Choose a network. Currently, there are three major mobile networks in the country – Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular. … Step 2: Buy a Retailer SIM Card. You will need one cellphone and one retailer SIM for each network that you want to make available to your customers. … Step 3: Tell All Your Friends and Neighbors.

How can I check my Globe load wallet?

Via the Globe MenuDial *143# on your phone and press Call.Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send.You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

How can I use smart money?

Go to the SMART MENU and select SMART MONEY. Choose any transaction. Follow steps 2 to 6 above….Option 1:Text MONEY to 343.Enter desired W-PIN (6-digits).Re-enter W-PIN, press OK.Choose Get Account press OK.Select BDO.Wait for the text message confirming the transaction and displaying your SMART Money Card number.

How do I check my load wallet balance?

12 Ways to Check Prepaid Load BalanceGo to SMART MENU > Buddy Balance/Prepaid Balance to receive load balance information via text.Text ? … Dial and call 214# and press Call to receive load balance information via text.Dial and call *121# and press Call to view regular load balance (and subscribe to prepaid offers).More items…

How do you become a load retailer?

Visit the nearest Globe Business Center, Smart Wireless Center, or Sun Shop where you’ll fill out an application form and submit requirements (usually valid IDs, proof of billing, and ID pictures). If you want to sell a Smart prepaid, you can apply as a load retailer online.

Can coins PH load retailer SIM?

No set-up costs. With other loading stations, you have to buy a retailer SIM card used exclusively to send load. If you don’t have a dual SIM phone, this means you need to buy a new mobile phone as well. The Coins.ph app eliminates the need for a new SIM card since you only need to install the app in your phone.

How do I transfer my load wallet to retailer?

TRANSFER VIA SMS / WEBTOOL. SMS ( Click here to view access numbers )Dealer sends the Retailer the agreed wallet amount by typing:TransferDealer 6-digit passwordMobile no. of RetailerWallet amount, then send to LoadCentral number.

Can I sell load using GCash?

Yes, you can! This is available for all networks–that means Smart, Sun, TM, Talk n Text! To send load to someone else, just input the mobile number of the recipient through the Buy Load screen. Please double-check the mobile number that you have entered and verify if it is the correct mobile number!

How do you send a load wallet?

How to Transfer LoadWallet Using WebtoolLogin to your Webtool acount. … Once logged in, click on the “View All Retailers” link.You should see this screen.Identify the retailer you want to reload.Key in the amount you want to transfer to your retailer (e.g. 1000 pesos), input your SL Password, then click “Reload” button.More items…

How can I buy Globe load wallet?

STEP 1: Download the CLiQQ app from Google Play or App Store. STEP 2: Open CLiQQ app and select “Buy Load”. STEP 3: Choose Globe and select the load amount. STEP 4: Enter your mobile number and confirm.

How do you become a load Manna dealer?

MB LOAD MANNA Download of LoadManna mobile application from Google Play Store is free, however in order for it to work registration of your SIM is needed. Click HERE to download app. *Earn P 500 on every successful DEALER referral. *Earn P 700 on Binary System Matched Sales Pairing Bonus.

Can I buy load wallet using Gcash?

a. GCASH MOBILE (using your Globe/TM phone) – is the faster, more affordable, and secure way to send & receive money, buy load, pay bills, and do a lot of money related transactions, anytime, anywhere using your Globe or TM mobile phone. 6. … You will get an SMS notification for every GCASH transaction.