Quick Answer: Who Is The Best OSU Mania Player?

Who has the highest pp in OSU?

rondured#PPPlayer12662.81rondured22607.53c00kiezi v231501.2c00kiezi v241478.59c00kiezi v289 more rows.

Is OSU safe?

Yes and no. It’s pretty much free from malware, so it’s safe in that respects.

Does Ninja play OSU?

Professional gamers frequently use “Osu!” as a warm-up or practice before gaming, especially players who play shooting games like “Fortnite” or “Counter-Strike.” For example, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the most well-known professional gamer in the world, recommends using “Osu!” in his new book “Get Good.”

Who is the best player on OSU?

Don’t have an account?Play Count#1WhiteCat20,674#2mrekk75,360#3Micca130,714#4Vaxei147,11939 more rows

Who is the number 1 OSU player?

xasumaDon’t have an account?Accuracy#1xasuma99.33%#2EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE99.37%#3Maklovitz99.15%#4WubWoofWolf99.15%46 more rows

How many active players play OSU?

17,400,851 playersCommunity and competitive play As of June 2020, osu! has 17,400,851 players worldwide. osu! contains three main facets of competition between players.

Why did Cookiezi get banned?

history. Finally, on November 11th, 2013, Cookiezi was banned from the game after having a third party log into his account and perform two cheated scores on Hommarju ft. Latte – Masterpiece [Insane] and Jun. A – The Refrain of the Lovely Great War [Lunatic], both with HDHRDT.

What is OSU ranked?

#53Ohio State University–Columbus is ranked #53 in National Universities.

What’s the top 25 college football teams?

College football rankings: Top 25 for Week 4RANKSCHOOLPOINTS1Clemson (59)1,5232Alabama (1)1,4583Oklahoma1,3684Georgia1,32021 more rows•Sep 20, 2020

Is OSU dead?

Osu! is dead because laser is never coming. Osu! is alive because laser is coming.

Does OSU improve aim?

As someone who’s played osu quite a bit, it will help, but not as much as playing the actual game. You’ll improve at Osu more than you’ll improve at overwatch. … If you want to improve your aim, I’d say deathmath in cs:go or any other fast paced fps game is the way to go.

Who is the #1 college football team?

Louisiana StateCollege Football Playoff RankingsRankTeamRecord1Louisiana State15-02Ohio State13-13Clemson14-14Oklahoma12-221 more rows

Is OSU good for your brain?

The speed at which you are required to maintain accuracy, muscle memory and consistency forces your brain to recall and execute more precise commands to your hands. Think of your brain like a computer and Osu is a way to amplify the CPU you have in your brain.

Who’s in the Top 10 in college football?

FootballRANKSCHOOLPOINTSRANKSCHOOLPOINTS1Clemson (59)1,5232Alabama (1)1,4583Oklahoma1,36822 more rows•Sep 20, 2020

As part of osu!’s Terms of Service, all map uploaders are implicitly assumed to have the rights to distribute the songs displayed in their map, which makes osu! itself perfectly legal to play, and the maps more or less legal to download.

What does SS mean in OSU?

super skillSs=super skill S=skill A=awesome B=better luck next time C= come on bro are you even trying D= duhhh derr look at me i 6 digit play image material and freedom dive. level 1. kynexiz. https://osu.ppy.sh/u/6004937. 30 points · 2 years ago.