Quick Answer: Who Is The Youngest DGP In India?

Who is the DGP of Punjab?

Dinkar GuptaThe present DGP of Punjab Police is Dinkar Gupta since February 7, 2019.

He is an IPS officer of 1987 batch..

Who is first lady IPS officer in India?

Kiran BediIIT Delhi (Ph.D.) Kiran Bedi (born 9 June 1949) is a retired Indian Police Service officer, social activist, former tennis player and politician who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. She is the first female Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and started her service in 1972.

Can IPS grow beard?

The government forwarded his representation to the State Police Chief, who informed the petitioner that the request could not be considered as the police manual did not allow police officers to grow a beard. … Riyas contended that the police manual did not have any provision banning the growing of a beard, either.

What is Punjab police salary?

2.9 lakhsAverage annual salary for Punjab Police (India) is INR 2.9 lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 57 Punjab Police (India) salaries received from various employees of Punjab Police (India).

Who is the first woman DGP in India?

Kanchan Chaudhary BhattacharyaKanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya, the first woman to hold the rank of director general of police (DGP) in India, died in Mumbai on Monday night. She was 71 and had been ailing, according to reports.

Who was the first Indian IAS officer?

Anna Rajam MalhotraAnna Rajam Malhotra (née George; 17 July 1927 – 17 September 2018) was an Indian Administrative Service officer.

Which is the highest rank of police?

Director General of PoliceDirector General of Police (DGP) : Particularly, The highest authority of any state in police is DGP ( Director General Of Police ). In India, the Director General of Police (DGP) is a three star rank and the highest ranking police officer in Indian States and Union Territories.

How many DGP are there in Punjab police?

D.G.P. Headquartered at Chandigarh along with his secretarial staff including Administration, Intelligence, Security, Crime & Forensic Science Laboratory, Provisioning and Technical Services Wing. Presently Punjab has 24 Police Districts headed by SSsP and Three Commissionerates headed by IGsP/DIGs.

How did KPS Gill die?

Cardiac arrestKanwar Pal Singh Gill/Cause of deathFormer Punjab DGP K P S Gill died on Friday in Delhi, after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was suffering from end stage kidney failure and significant ischemic heart disease and had been recovering from peritonitis.

Who is the DGP of India?

In India, the Director General of Police (abbr. DGP) is the highest ranking police officer in an Indian State or Union Territory….List of current Chiefs of Police Forces in the States and Union territories of India.S.No.13StateMadhya PradeshHeadquartersBhopalName of Police ChiefVivek Johri, IPSBatch198427 more columns

Is KPS Gill alive?

Deceased (1934–2017)Kanwar Pal Singh Gill/Living or Deceased

What is the full form of ACP?

Full form of ACP/DSP ACP full form is Assistant Commissioner of Police. ACP is one of the reputed posts of Indian Police Services. It is the post given to the police officer of the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (Asst. SP) or Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Who is the first IPS officer in men?

E.B JoshiAnswer. E.B Joshi is the first male IPS officer of independent india.

Who was the first policewoman?

Alice Stebbins Wells (June 13, 1873 – August 17, 1957) was one of the first American-born female police officers in the United States, hired in 1910 in Los Angeles.

What did KPS Gill do?

Kanwar Pal Singh Gill (December 29, 1934 – 26 May 2017) was an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. He served twice as Director General of Police (DGP) for the state of Punjab, India, where he is credited with having brought the Punjab insurgency under control.

What is the salary of IPS officer in India?

IPS Salary in India – IPS Ranks – 7th Pay CommissionLevelBasic PayEntry level (starting salary)Rs 56,100Maximum PayRs 2,25,000

Do police carry guns in India?

The Income Tax Department draws its staff from Indian Revenue Service officers nationwide, and is responsible for the investigation of economic crimes and tax evasion. Some special agents and agents can carry firearms.