What Does Unknowingly Mean?

What is another word for making a mistake?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR MAKE A MISTAKEblunder.drop the ball.flub.fluff.go wrong.goof.make a mistake.miscalculate.More items….

What does Purpose mean?

noun. the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. an intended or desired result; end; aim; goal. determination; resoluteness.

How do you use unknowingly in a sentence?

Unknowingly sentence examplesHe’d unknowingly killed a woman and her child. … How many had she unknowingly killed since being reborn a human? … Deidre had knelt near here and unknowingly touched a soul. … What if he wasn’t strong enough yet to fix the chain-of-events that Wynn had unknowingly started?More items…

What is the definition of unaware?

adjective. not aware or conscious; unconscious: to be unaware of any change.

What is the meaning of unintentionally?

: not done by intention or design : not intentional an unintentional effect causing unintentional harm/offense.

Is ignorance a bliss?

Ignorance, or a lack of knowledge, isn’t usually viewed as a good thing. However, there may be situations when you’re happier not knowing the truth. A common expression used to describe these situations is “ignorance is bliss.” … Let’s break things down with a closer look at a few examples of ignorance is bliss.

Does ignorant mean?

Ignorant, illiterate, unlettered, uneducated mean lacking in knowledge or in training. Ignorant may mean knowing little or nothing, or it may mean uninformed about a particular subject: An ignorant person can be dangerous. I confess I’m ignorant of mathematics.

Is being ignorant a bad thing?

MW7. If you’re in a position to change the world or make a difference, then yes being ignorant can be very bad. It kind of depends on your responsibilities though. For a doctor being ignorant of advances in science is a very bad thing whereas being ignorant of potential distractions wouldn’t be.

Can ignorant mean rude?

The definition of ignorant is something or someone lacking in knowledge, or is stupid or rude. An example of ignorant is a person who is has no knowledge of politics.

What is unintentional error?

An unintentional error is an unintentional wandering or deviation from accuracy. This can include an error in your action (a slip), opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, or insufficient knowledge (a mistake).

What does it mean to be blissfully unaware?

“Bliss” or “Blissfully” is an extreme happiness, peacefulness or relaxed behavior. So to be be blissfully unaware is someone who is happier not knowing the truth about something.

What’s the meaning of unknowingly?

adjective. ignorant or unaware: unknowing aid to the enemy.

What is another word for unknowingly?

What is another word for unknowingly?unawaresunwittinglymistakenlycarelesslyignorantlyshortsuddensurprisinglyunreadyby accident81 more rows

What does unobservant mean?

: not observant: such as. a : not watchful or attentive unobservant of other people unobservant passersby.