What Is A Undertake?

What is mean by undertake?

(tr) to contract to or commit oneself to (something) or (to do something)to undertake a job; to undertake to deliver the goods.

(tr) to attempt to; agree to start.

(tr) to take (someone) in charge..

How do you use undertake?

​ undertake something to make yourself responsible for something and start doing it. to undertake a task/project. University professors both teach and undertake research. … ​ undertake to do something | undertake that… to agree or promise that you will do something. He undertook to finish the job by Friday.

Why is undertaking dangerous?

Some drivers may find it tempting to undertake, especially if they’re faced with a middle-lane hogger, but be aware that it can be dangerous and you can be fined for doing so. Undertaking recklessly could see you receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for careless driving or driving without due care and attention.

What perform means?

Perform, discharge, execute, transact mean to carry to completion a prescribed course of action. Perform is the general word, often applied to ordinary activity as a more formal expression than do, but usually implying regular, methodical, or prolonged application or work: to perform an exacting task.

What is a big undertaking?

An undertaking is a task or job, especially a large or difficult one. Organizing the show has been a massive undertaking. Synonyms: task, business, operation, project More Synonyms of undertaking.

What is the past tense of undertake?

undertookpast tense of undertake is undertook.

Can you undertake a middle lane hogger?

How to Deal With a Middle-Lane Hogger. … The Highway Code says that for the most part you shouldn’t undertake: “Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake.” This means that, as annoying as it may be, the legal course of action is to overtake them on the right when it’s safe to do so.

What does undertaken mean in a sentence?

Use undertaken in a sentence. verb. Undertaken is defined as to have agreed to do something, or to have committed to a project. An example of undertaken is to make a plan to clean up a local park.

What is another word for undertake?

What is another word for undertake?acceptassumehave a crack athave a go athave a shot athave a stab attry outgive something a whirlhave a try attake the plunge106 more rows

What means Endeavour?

to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive: We must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.

An undertaking is “a promise given by one party to the Court, frequently of mandatory nature and relating to an obligation to the other party in proceedings.” Undertakings are a legally binding promise which carry severe consequences if breached.

Can you stay in the middle lane on a motorway?

Middle lane hogging happens when a driver ignores part 264 of the Highway Code (read above!) and stays in the middle lane on a motorway for longer than they need to, and not moving back over to the left when it is clear. This includes driving in the middle lane when there are no cars to overtake on the left.