Where Can I Have My Baby’S First Birthday Party?

What can I do for my baby’s first birthday without party?

Skip the First Birthday Party—Try These Baby-Friendly Alternatives InsteadGo Wild.

Your little one’s first birthday is the perfect time to head to the zoo.

Fishy Fun.

Dive into a day of birthday fun with a trip to your local aquarium.

Art Project.


Seasonal Celebration.

Park It.

Low-Key Playdate.

Let Them Eat Cake!.

Can baby eat cake first birthday?

Your baby’s first birthday is a celebration of surviving the first year (more for you than for them!), and having birthday cake if you want to is about celebrating. Food has an important part in our culture, and it’s OK to eat certain foods as part of a celebration.

Where can I host my baby’s first birthday?

“If it’s mostly adults — which is common for a first birthday — then a restaurant or more formal setting would work well. If the birthday boy or girl has older siblings, or lots of cousins and friends, a more kid-friendly venue like a park or kids’ gym might work best.

What do you need for a baby’s first birthday party?

10 Tips for Planning an Unforgettable First Birthday PartyCreate a Small Guest List. … Plan Around Your Baby’s Schedule. … Send Invitations. … Keep the Party Environment Baby-Friendly. … Choose a Birthday Party Theme. … Shop for Fun, Bright Decorations. … Prepare Kid and Adult Snacks. … Consider Having Two Birthday Cakes.More items…•

Who do you invite to a first birthday party?

How Many People to Invite to Baby’s First Birthday Party. If it’s going to be intimate, the party might include grandparents, aunts and uncles and a few baby friends from your daycare or play groups. If you want to go all out and have a huge bash, invite extended family, friends, coworkers who have kids and so on.

What time should a first birthday start?

10 a.m. is the best time of day for a kids’ party. When planning a first birthday, you’re up against a few scheduling issues. Most young guests, guest of honor included, have an early afternoon nap.

What food do you serve at a first birthday party?

1st Birthday Party Food IdeasHamburgers.Barbecue sandwiches.Loaded nachos.Tea sandwiches or crostini.Baked potato bar.Deviled eggs.Stuffed mushrooms.Jalapeno poppers.More items…•

What games can you play at a 1 year old birthday party?

Amazing Games for Kids Birthday PartyPrize Walk. This game is similar to cakewalk and is ideal for kids between two and four years of age. … Bubble Wrap Race. … Photo Scavenger Hunt. … Balloon Bursts. … Paper Boat Race. … Pin the Tail on the Donkey. … Musical Chairs. … Balloon Pop.More items…

What do you do for a 1st birthday party?

Baby’s First Birthday PartyKeep the invites light. A room too crowded with even familiar faces may overwhelm your birthday baby. … Ditto the décor. … Looking for more fun firsts? … Serve up safely. … Time it right. … Don’t send in the clowns. … Don’t command a performance. … Take the cake, and make it a smash.More items…•