Which Is Better .357 Or .44 Magnum?

Can cops carry 44 Magnum?

Some agencies allow their officers to carry any weapon that meets minimum caliber and safety standards.

For many years we had to purchase our own handguns.

As police agencies began providing handguns some officers were allowed to continue to carry their older weapons including .

44 caliber magnums..

Can a 44 Magnum stop a car?

The best chance to stop the vehicle is to shoot the driver. A large caliber pistol such as . 357 or . 44 magnum can penetrate through the engine and yet not stop the vehicle immediately.

Will a 357 magnum kill a grizzly bear?

357 Magnum or other similar-caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good bullet will certainly kill a bear, but it’s not recommended. Wayne Bosowicz carried a Colt Python . 357 Magnum revolver for years as his bear gun. … You need a bullet that will penetrate all that, and most hollowpoints used in most .

What is more powerful a 357 magnum or a 45?

357 Magnum cartridge is individually more powerful than an individual . 45 ACP cartridge, all else being equal, a . 45 ACP pistol will be a (marginally) more powerful tool than a . … 357 Mag revolver* with a 6″ barrel and speed loaders is significantly more powerful than a stock 1911A1, but on the other hand, a .

Can you kill a grizzly bear with a 44 Magnum?

Bears, including grizzlies, have been killed with 22 long rifles. The 44 magnum is almost unspeakably more powerful than the 22 rimfire, so of course it will kill a bear. With that said, I know people who hike, camp, fish and hunt in bear country.

Is 44 magnum ammo expensive?

44 Magnum is a powerful revolver cartridge. … For a hunting round, it isn’t too expensive, typically costing only $49 per box of 50, or $0.98 per round. Since the . 44 Magnum is a revolver cartridge, there are a ton of revolver options on the market for this round.

Should I buy a 44 Magnum?

With good 44 special loads I feel it is actually a better SD round. Mainly because of the reduced recoil and muzzle blast compared to the 357 mag. Of course hotter loads can be used if needed. If buying a full sized revolver, I’d just as soon just go with the 44.

Is a .44 Magnum a good self defense?

If you can hit with it, it’s a good self-defense round. … 44 Magnum isn’t a good round; it’s actually one of the greats when used for handgun hunting, protection in the outdoors, and can definitely work in a self-defense capacity. However, a . 44 Magnum will not make the best carry gun for most people.

What is more powerful than a 44 Magnum?

62 to 1.14 ounces, and generates a huge range of foot pounds of energy, from 932 to an astonishing 3,032 foot pounds. By that standard, the . 500 Magnum is easily twice as powerful as the . 44 Magnum.

Is 44 mag or 50ae more powerful?

44Mag, it’s the same power. If chambered for the . 50AE, then it’s more powerful. … 44 Magnum compare to the .

Is a 357 good for self defense?

Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute. 357 Magnum is better because it’s more powerful, or that 9mm is better because you can carry more of them and can be more accurate with it. …

Is a 45 Long Colt more powerful than a 44 Magnum?

The . 45 Colt is generally loaded to lower pressures than . 44 Magnum, making the . 44 more powerful with most factory .

What has more recoil 44 or 357?

The . 44 Magnum has higher recoil action than the . 357 due to the heavier cartridge weight and the increased diameter of the barrel. Factors such as hand strength and stance also can affect the recoil.

Who makes the best 44 Magnum?

Best . 44 Magnum RiflesHenry Big Boy.Marlin 1894 Lever-Action.Smith and Wesson Model 29.Ruger Super Redhawk.F. LLI Pietta 1873 SA Revolver (Colt Peacemaker Recreation)Magnum Research Desert Eagle . 44 Magnum.

Is a .357 Magnum stronger than a 44 Magnum?

As for bullet energy, the 357 comes out at 566 ft-lbs while the 44 creates 832 & 904 ft-lbs. This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. … Despite firing its bullet faster, the 357 simply cannot compete with the 44 in terms of energy.

Does a 44 Magnum kick?

44 Magnum has a recoil of about 18.5 foot pounds (ft./lbs.). The . 357 is listed at 11.58 ft./lbs., and the old .

What is a 44 magnum good for?

When loaded to its maximum and with heavy, deeply penetrating bullets, the . 44 Magnum cartridge is suitable for short-range hunting of all North American game—though at the cost of heavy recoil and muzzle flash when fired in handguns, less so in carbines and rifles.

Will a 45 stop a bear?

Handguns, in general, are poor tools for stopping a bear charge. The proper device is a big-bore dangerous game rifle chambered in . 375H&H, on up. … 45 ACP when used against a large, well-built critter such as a bear.