Who Did It Best Or Better?

Who did it better meaning?

Urban Dictionary.

Definition: feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl..

What is the superlative for good?

Irregular AdjectivesWordComparativeSuperlativegoodbetterbestbadworseworstmuchmoremostlittlelessleast2 more rows

Who said good better best?

St. JeromeJerome Quotes. Good, better, best. Never let it rest.

What does the idiom had better mean?

/best Usage Problem. To be wise or obliged to; should or must: He had better do what he is told.

What is the opposite of better?

Antonym of BetterWordAntonymBetterWorseGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is Goodest a word?

No, ‘goodest’ is not a word. The word you want is ‘best. ‘ To form the superlative form, you often add -est to an adjective.

Why do we use superlatives?

Superlative adjectives are used to describe an object which is at the upper or lower limit of a quality (the tallest, the smallest, the fastest, the highest). They are used in sentences where a subject is compared to a group of objects.

Would better or had better?

You are correct: “had better” is a strong suggestion, as in, “You’d better speak more softly.” To express that idea in a gentler way, you could say: You might speak more softly. You could speak more softly.

What are the 3 Comparison of adjectives?

There are three forms of adjectives and adverbs used to show varying degrees of comparison: the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.

What is the difference between good better and best?

Good, better, Best is all about keeping on progressing and not being stuck at a point. A brick if perfect once all sides are proper and it’s solid, there is no scope for improvement in this now. 90 degree angle can’t be perfected any more. This is what perfection is all about attaining certain limited standards.

How do you use the word better in a sentence?

Better sentence examplesBetter stop by and get Howard Spencer. … We’d better go down for breakfast. … I suppose no place is better than home on Christmas. … I feel much better now. … He seemed in better spirits than usual and awaited his son with great impatience. … He thinks you are better than us. … I thought it would be better if I slept here.More items…

Which one is better meaning?

phrase. If you go one better, you do something better than it has been done before or obtain something better than someone else has.

When to use which vs what?

“Which” is more formal when asking a question that requires a choice between a number of items. You can use “What” if you want, though. Generally speaking, you can replace the usage of “which” with “what” and be OK grammatically. It doesn’t always work the other way around, however.

Is very best grammatically correct?

It is not strictly correct to say, “very best” but it is commonly said and perfectly acceptable for informal speech. Informally, we may emphasis the word “very” to mean that there is something special about the noun or subject we are describing. The issue is one of superlative adjectives.

Is funner a word?

Definition: More (or Most) Amusing or Enjoyable I am sad that “funner” and “funnest” are not proper words. … In the middle of the 19th century the word shifted, and began to be used as an adjective.

Which is better of the two?

“better of two” is correct. Read the following explanation to understand the answer. good / better / best are adjectives of comparison. … Adjective of Superlative degree (best) is used to show the comparison between more than two persons or things.

Which is better or which one is better?

It is clear from the singular verb that you are asking about one, not more. If you wanted several better choices you would say, “Which are better?” … But if there was a choice only between two things then I would say, ‘which is better.

Can we say bestest?

Bestest is something you’re most likely to hear from children or in a very informal setting. It might not be grammatically correct, but its meaning is obvious and you can find it in dictionaries, which makes it a word, even though it’s nonstandard.